When My wife and I moved from Massachusetts to southern Colorado just over a year now. I was told

that the winters in southern Colorado were very mild and did not last very long. They said that the most snow that would fall in a day would be no more than 3 or 4 inches and most of the time the next day the sun would shine bright,the tempeture would rise and all the snow would disappear like the snow storm never happened. (Yeah Right!) :)

So far we have had over 3 major snow storms. A couple of them of record proportion snow fall. Even my niece back in Massachusetts is thanking me for all of the mild weather and low heating bills that they are having in the northeast. She says that my wife and I took all of the winter weather with us when we moved to Colorado.( I'm starting to believe her) :)

Well if you are not snowed in like we are here in Colorado . You may be thinking about what you can do to improve your landscape curb appeal in these cold winter months. If so we have few tips that will bring some pizazz to your property. And you people in the northeast you just wait. That big snow storms right around the corner :) …..Read More

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September 24, 2006

Enjoying the simple life

Being away from my 9-5 job a couple of years now. I really have started to enjoy the pleasures of the simple life. When i was working that 9-5 for all those years. I use to have a commute of 27 miles to work and back every Monday through Friday. I use to picture myself in one of those time elapsed videos driving my car to work for twenty five years going up and down that same highway road trying to impress my bosses for promotions and raises that where far an few between.

This is when I decided that there had to be a better simpler way to live my life. I always had a knack for the outdoors and getting my hands dirty with simple [landscaping projects], gardening and growing all types of vegetables in my garden. These are the things that truly made me happy so why not enjoy them more and forget about how I could qualify for that next promotion that might not come my way. :)

If you are longing for the simple life. I have found someone who has turned it into a science. Her name is Laura Shepherd and she definately practices what she preaches. Laura lives simply, frugally and respectfully in a society dominated by extravagance, excess and disregard. Which is something we all should strive to do more of instead of keeping up with the Joneses.  Take a look at the simple life through the eyes of laura Shepherd. You just might like what you see. :)

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