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Lets face it, we all love to watch and admire a colorful flower garden or tend are vegetables till they are plump and ripe ready for the picking. But tending a flower or vegetable garden can be a lot of back breaking work. Watering and mulching, fertilizing and weeding can turn the most hardworking person into wornout gardener.

Gardening for the lazy gardener does not mean the person creating the garden is lazy. It does mean that the lazy gardener wants to work smarter instead of harder. Many people who simply love to garden can not perform the tasks of digging, shoveling, bending, weeding, and other physical tasks.

So we have but together some smarter not harder garden tips that you may be able to use in your own backyard to make you're gardening chores a little more easier on those bones of yours….read more

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Time passes by so fast. Here we are in the middle of Spring already and I bet you have not started or completed any of the garden projects that you set out to do before Summer arrives.

Things like weeding your lawn and garden, pruning shrubs and bushes, fertilizing, mulching and looking for insect damage are all thing you can do before the real thick growth in your landscape and garden start to take off.

Check out the tips we have to get you back on track if you have not started getting your garden green thumb going… Take a Look

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Adding different elements of design to your garden can make for a very diverse and aesthetic atmosphere. Using elements from nature such as stones and waterfalls gives your garden area a sense of peace and tranquility that you can only get from natures wonders.

These types of natures elements are commonly used when creating Japanese style landscaping and gardens. There are many principles that you must incorporate to successfully capture the spirit of a japanese garden

Keeping true to nature and not over planting your garden with loads of colorful flowers are some of the basics of Japanese gardening. One should try to  create a large landscape even in the smallest of garden areas.

If you would like to learn more about the subtle nature of [japanese gardening design] . Take a look at one of our latest articles that will give you some simple Japanese garden design ideas that will add variety and tranquility to your garden…. Read More

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April 17, 2007

Spring is in the Air

Today is the day that I finally get to go outside in the backyard and plant the two Lincoln Roses that I purchased about two weeks ago. The weather has been so bad for the past week or so that I had to bring the plants inside to prevent them from freezing. 

I do think I did loose a couple of my rose plants do to the fact that I started watering them when the weather was nice and then we got this unexpected week of snow and cold weather. (See even the best of us can get caught of guard) :)

That was unfortunate but with the wide variety of plants that I saw that just came in at the home improvement store. I will have those plants replaced in no time flat.

Now that the weather is getting better again and hopefully it looks like that last of the unexpected below freezing weather is past us. (Cross My Fingers) We have some more Spring backyard garden tips that we would like to share with you. Take a peek :)

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It seems everyone has a tale to tell about why they decided to grow organic .

For some, it may have been one E. coli scare too many and concerns about becoming ill after eating fruits and vegetables produced in contaminated fields half a continent away.

Perhaps it was the desire to see if homegrown foods really tasted all that much better than store-bought.

For Doug Oster, co-author of "Grow Organic: Over 250 Tips and Ideas for Growing Flowers, Veggies, Lawns and More" (St. Lynn's Press, 2007), the decision came after watching his then 3-year-old son wandering down….Read More

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It's beginning to look a lot like Spring. Yes things are really starting to shape up to get those garden and landscape projects going. Daylight savings time is here and the days are getting warmer and longer.

To get things rolling take a nice slow stroll through your front and back yard to see what needs to be cleaned up and repaired from the long winter months. Then start to get that imagination going on what you would like to grow as far as plants and vegetables.

Remember if you planted vegetables last year its a good idea to rotate your vegetables for best results.  Here are a few more tips on how to start a vegetable garden in the comfort of your own backyard…Read More

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We have some excellent advice on how to save money when looking for plants. In the Spring and Summer you can constantly find me roaming the isles in the garden departments of Home Depot & Lowe's.

I rarely go to Kmart or Walmart because the quality of plants are not that good. Or should I say not as good as the ladder stores above. I will go there to find plants to accent the plants and flowers that I already have planted in my garden. Also to save a few dollars while i'm at it.

But if you are looking for something really special for your landscape go to your favorite nursery. The quality of [plants] there  are so much better and you can catch those end of season bargains….Read More

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Ahhhh what great weather we have been getting the past few days. Yesterday and today the temperature has been around 55 to 60 degrees with the sun shinning bright over the mountain tops. I was even able to open some windows around the house to let the fresh air push out all that stale air from the long winter we are having here in Colorado.

It has been even nice enough to get out in the yard and start doing some preparation for the spring and summer gardening months to come. My wife and I are starting to plan our seed and plant orders and cleaning up all of the debrie in the yard that accumulates during the winter months. Even though it still is the month of February you still can get things done for your garden and landscape to get the jump on the spring and summer months. Here is a regional gardening guide for things you can do around your garden during the month of February….Read More

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January 17, 2007

Garden Tips from Joe Pro

Take a look at our latest video with a few tips from Joe Pro on how to plant your hostas…Read More

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January 10, 2007

Greenhouse Essentials

If you have been keeping up with our weekly posted articles on Fridays. You may have read are article on (Do I need a Greenhouse). We have added a followup article to our original that you may be interested in called (Essential Greenhouse Supplies). Even though we are in the middle of winter. Spring is just around the corner and will be here before you know it. Having a small greenhouse is a great way to get your seedlings started and ready to plant for the beginning of the spring season. Take a look at the 2 articles above to get you prepared on how to start your own greenhouse…Read More


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