Fall Landscaping DesignsWhile most home gardeners are thinking about putting perennials to bed, pruning trees and planting spring bulbs, there are plenty of fall landscaping designs that can still be in effect well into October.

Planting fall foliage trees, plants and flowers during the spring months is an excellent way to make sure you will have a beautiful fall landscaping design to view through September and October. While many homeowners select trees and shrubs based on their landscape design and pattern for the spring and fall months, you may also want to take the time to consider their display in the fall months.

Oak, Birch, Ash and Maple trees are excellent choices for fall landscaping designs, with a wide variety of fall foliage colors from a golden yellow to deep purple. As well, there are a variety of beautiful shrubs and bushes that will have fall foliage turn an array of colors in the fall. Many bushes and shrubs have their best display of berries and delicate flowers in the fall months as well. These include the firebush, red chokeberry bush, burning bush, witch-alder, and the Virginia creeper.

One of the major factors to keep in mind when planning [fall landscaping designs] is to consider how these bright foliage colors will mesh with other landscaped trees and plants in the fall. You may just want to add a splash of color with one or two foliage turning plants or you may want to incorporate all foliage changing trees and bushes, but whatever you decide it is best to try and create some consistency. Otherwise your attempt at creating a beautiful fall landscape design may just look awkward.

Fall landscaping designs can also incorporate cool season annuals and perennials. While you can wait until August or September to plant some cool season annuals, there are quite a few varieties that can be planted in the spring or summer months, trimmed back in the late summer and will create a whole new bouquet of blossoms in the fall.

Excellent choices for cool season annuals include marigolds, geraniums, dianthus, salvia, and petunias. Good choices for late season perennials are chrysanthemums, pansies, asters, and hydrangea. Most cool season perennials will have a round of blooms early to late summer and then can be trimmed to allow for another display of flowers that will usually last into October.

Another wonderful choice for fall landscaping designs that will add color and depth to both your fall and winter landscapes are evergreens. Fall is an excellent time for planting evergreen shrubs and bushes, as they do well with the cool climate. Planting evergreens in the fall gives you an additional display for your fall landscape design and gives the evergreens a chance to take root before the freezing temperatures set in.

One of the best parts about creating fall landscaping designs is being able to enjoy the beautiful design you created. During the hot summer months, it may be difficult to get outside and truly enjoy your landscape design, but the cool weather in the fall months means really enjoy the beauty of the outdoors.