Hello my name is kewal krishan gudiala

i love to have seedling and plantation of seasonal flower plants and having
good number of seasonal plants every season.  In india there are mainly
winter, summer, rainy and autumn season and i am always having flowers
almost in every season.

Very nice to receive your mail.  hoping i will be very benefitted of your
appreciable work you have done for new begginers having love with nature.




Hanoi - Vietnam
Please to meeting and working with you
Thanks for letter and information from you
I'm a Vietnamese, not American.I see your Web and I like it very much becase of its useful informations.
As a young landscape engineer, I focus more about nature and plants. But as you know, In Vietnam, this is a new metter so the informations about these very short of. This give me some dificutlies 
Now, my main woking is designing deck and garden for house, urban area. So I am glad if received your informations and helpings
I forward to hearing from you
Thank you very much
(My name is Ha in Vietnamese , in American that mean River)
Thanks, this is a really nice site with lots of info and ideas I have been looking for something like this. Nice work