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Lets face it, we all love to watch and admire a colorful flower garden or tend are vegetables till they are plump and ripe ready for the picking. But tending a flower or vegetable garden can be a lot of back breaking work. Watering and mulching, fertilizing and weeding can turn the most hardworking person into wornout gardener.

Gardening for the lazy gardener does not mean the person creating the garden is lazy. It does mean that the lazy gardener wants to work smarter instead of harder. Many people who simply love to garden can not perform the tasks of digging, shoveling, bending, weeding, and other physical tasks.

So we have but together some smarter not harder garden tips that you may be able to use in your own backyard to make you're gardening chores a little more easier on those bones of yours….read more

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Being out in the garden and planting tomatoes is one of my favorite things to do in the summertime. Not only do I like planting tomatoes my favorite tomatoes to plant are heirloom tomatoes and the bigger the better.

I like to watch and monitor my tomatoes as they grow larger and larger till they can barely fit in the palm of your hand. That's why my favorite variety of tomatoes are big boys, brandy wine's and beefsteaks.

I mean if you are going to spend all that time and energy to plant, fertilize and grow your tomatoes you might as well get a crop that you are proud of.

But if you are challenged by not having a big enough garden to grow those big boys that you want. You can also plant your tomato vines in containers.

Planting your [tomatoes] in containers may be a little more work because of having to constantly monitor the growth of your tomato vines. Then tying the vines on wooden steaks so they do not fall over. But the end result is well worth it.

Take a look at these  tips on how you can grow your big boy tomatoes in containers…Read More

Filed under Landscape Garden Ideas by landscapeliving.
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