acre lot

So, you finally bought that large lot you've been dreaming of and now you are ready to landscape it, but you only have a shoestring budget to accomplish the task. Well, if you use some inexpensive landscaping ideas, you can turn your acre lot into an appealing, pleasant environment for you and your family to enjoy.

When dealing with large lots, consider the fact that less is really more. Of course, you'll want to plan in an area of shade, probably some flowers along the fence line, maybe a water feature, but you do not want to get carried away and make the landscape too busy. You want to have a huge open expanse of nothing but green, lush grass. Why? There are two reasons: it is easier to mow and you'll have plenty of space to put up the volley ball net, play lawn sports, throw the Frisbee to the dog, and other open air activities.

Plant trees for shade

Choose a corner of the lot either near the house or out near the property fence line to plant your shade trees. Choose a species that is quick growing so you'll be able to enjoy the shade in only a few years. Purchase a large a specimen as you can afford, but that doesn't mean it has to be expensive. You can get year-old saplings of poplar, oak, and other quick growing trees for not too large an investment. When planning exactly where to place the plant, consider the size the tree will be 20 years in the future rather than the size of the plant today. Allow plenty of room for roots and canopy without infringing on your neighbor's property or your dwelling. If you do not choose a dense shade tree, then plant several less dense trees in a group to create a small grove for your shady area.

If you have a privacy fence around the entire area, you may wish to incorporate vines in the landscape which will attract hummingbirds and butterflies. Any vine which produces a red or pink bloom will work very well for this purpose. Cypress vine, called in some areas the hummingbird vine, is a perfect annual vine that will quickly cover your fence in the springtime, attract hummingbirds and butterflies, then die off with the coming fall. It is easy to remove from the fence line and will reappear the next spring from the seeds it drops into the soil or you can collect the seeds from the vine

Choose plants and flowers wisely

Limit your flower garden and shrubbery to small areas so that you have neither the expense or maintenance involved with a huge garden. Choose wisely and place the plants carefully to gain the most impact from your choices rather than crowding lots of plants into the landscape.

Ornamental grasses are a nice way to make an impact on a large lot. You can plant pampas grass or plume grass along the drive way to create an elegant entrance way into the property. Short growing ornamental grasses also make great borders for flower garden areas.

A bird bath, water fall, or fountain can add interest with very little cost. Plus, it provides a great service to wildlife during dry summer months by providing a needed source of drinking and bathing water.

As you plan, remember that one acre is a lot of land when it comes time to prune, rake, and do other maintenance that overstocking the landscape can demand. After all, you purchased you large lot to enjoy, not to become a slave to the [landscape]. So, invest in less and when positioned in the right places, it really will be much more enjoyment that you ever expected.