Harvesting seed for next spring saves money as well as lets you enjoy the satisfaction of knowing your best flowers, fruits and herbs are continuing their life cycles. The propagation of plants by seed allows you to take an active part in helping nature complete her perpetual cycle of life. In addition, you know the quality of seed you are harvesting while purchased seed offers no such knowledge. If you are interested in getting an early start on the next gardening season. We have some excellent tips on preparing and storing seed for your next spring garden projects. :)

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When planting your garden you probably think about how beautiful it will look as it grows, but why not consider how wonderful it will smell, also? Many of your favorite flowers, herbs, spices, and even seeds can be used to make potpourri that can fill your home with your favorite fragrances from the garden. With the holiday season just around the corner. Wouldn't it be a great idea to add some potpourri around your home to add that extra comforting fragrance to impress your family and friends. Take a few holiday tips from Landscape Living on how to make potpourri from your garden….

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By Holly Anderson Isanti County Master Gardener

The Christmas holidays are such a wonderful way to wrap up the year. Filled with good food, friends and family, singing, gift giving, joyful get-togethers – what’s there not to like about Christmas? Maybe it’s trying to come up with a gift idea for folks who enjoy plants and gardening and you don’t know where to start. Hopefully, I can help and give you some suggestions….Read More

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