Ahhhh what great weather we have been getting the past few days. Yesterday and today the temperature has been around 55 to 60 degrees with the sun shinning bright over the mountain tops. I was even able to open some windows around the house to let the fresh air push out all that stale air from the long winter we are having here in Colorado.

It has been even nice enough to get out in the yard and start doing some preparation for the spring and summer gardening months to come. My wife and I are starting to plan our seed and plant orders and cleaning up all of the debrie in the yard that accumulates during the winter months. Even though it still is the month of February you still can get things done for your garden and landscape to get the jump on the spring and summer months. Here is a regional gardening guide for things you can do around your garden during the month of February….Read More

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I've been saying this comment ever since the beginning of the new year. Spring is on its way, spring is on its way, spring is on its way. I guess you can tell by now that i'm a little tired  of this winter weather and i'm ready to get in gear and start all of my spring and summer projects.

Yeah, i know spring is not exactly as close as I would like it to be. But it does not hurt to start thinking of projects that you would like to do. Like starting your seedlings if you have a warm place to keep them. Or placing an order from your favorite nursery for vegetable and tomato plants so that they are delivered at the right time for the climate of your area.

Maybe you might want to go out and get some grass seed to get ready for reseeding your front and back yard. Yeah, I know spring is still a ways a way but it never hurts to be prepared and it will save you less preparation time when spring finally does arrive.

Check out our latest article on lawn dethatching and how to prepare your lawn come spring. Can you tell i'm really,really,ready for spring :) …..Read More


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December 31, 2006

Happy New Year 2007

Everyone here at Landscape Living would like to wish you and your family a happy and prosperous New Year. If you have not been seeing our regular posts. We have just steped back a little to enjoy the holidays with our family and friends. What you can expect from us during the coming year is to continue to grow and pass on to you our quality landscape and garden information.

Some of the things you can look forward to here at Landscape Living will be our daily posts on landscape and garden tips for your home. Our new video category fun landscape and garden videos. Where every Wednesday we will be adding a new fun video that we will share garden and landscape tips with you or entertaining landscape and garden videos that will just make you laugh :)

Fridays is our meat and potatoes day where we will be posting completly new and informative articles on a wide variety of subjects that will help you improve your landscape,garden and curb appeal for your outside living area and your home.

For even more insider landscape and garden information subscribe to our casual newletter where we will send to you weekly landscape and [garden tips] information and bargains that will help you create the outside living area you always dreamed of.

So we again wish you a Happy New Year and stay tuned to our daily and weekly posts here at Landscape Living. In 2007 it only gets better :)

Happy New Year !!!!!!!!!!

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