May 23, 2008

Growing Heirloom Tomatoes

As we approach the official start of the summer season by celebrating Memorial Day this weekend. Many of us will be visiting family and friends enjoying ourselves with outdoor activities such as outdoor picnics, barbecues and most importantly recognizing are U.S. men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice by serving our country through military service.

Then there will be some of us who will be using that extra long weekend to get in some serious gardening time planting flowers and vegetables for the the summer gardening season. 

May 15th to May 31st is the perfect time to plant many vegetables including tomatoes for the summer season ahead. One of my favorite types of tomatoes to plant are heirloom tomatoes. They may take a little more attention to grow than your regular hybrid tomato plant but what is so enticing is the many beautiful colors and shapes that the many varieties of heirloom tomatoes have to offer. Not to mention the full rich taste that you get from heirloom tomatoes when using them in a recipe or making a salad.

What I intend to do this weekend and you may want to do also is to go to your local garden nursery and pick out a few heirloom tomato plants such as brandywine's or sweet tangerines and add them to your vegetable garden for some brilliant color and good eats. Also take a look at our latest article on how to grow heirloom tomatoes.

Enjoy Your Holiday Weekend :)

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Being out in the garden and planting tomatoes is one of my favorite things to do in the summertime. Not only do I like planting tomatoes my favorite tomatoes to plant are heirloom tomatoes and the bigger the better.

I like to watch and monitor my tomatoes as they grow larger and larger till they can barely fit in the palm of your hand. That's why my favorite variety of tomatoes are big boys, brandy wine's and beefsteaks.

I mean if you are going to spend all that time and energy to plant, fertilize and grow your tomatoes you might as well get a crop that you are proud of.

But if you are challenged by not having a big enough garden to grow those big boys that you want. You can also plant your tomato vines in containers.

Planting your [tomatoes] in containers may be a little more work because of having to constantly monitor the growth of your tomato vines. Then tying the vines on wooden steaks so they do not fall over. But the end result is well worth it.

Take a look at these  tips on how you can grow your big boy tomatoes in containers…Read More

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