May 7, 2007

The Best Landscaping and Gardening Tools

Landscaping Gardening ToolsUsing the best landscaping and gardening tools will make gardening easier and much more fun, no matter if your yard is large or small. Using the right gardening tool for the job will reduce fatigue and prevent strained or sore muscles.

What should you look for in landscaping and gardening tools to ensure you are buying the best available? You might think that price of the tool might be a guideline, with more expensive tools being better. This is not, however, the case. Often, a well-crafted, sturdy gardening tool that is best for your needs may not be nearly the most expensive and will do the job perfectly, lasting for many years.

If you have a large area to landscape, you will almost certainly require some power tools to make your gardening manageable. Let’s look at some specific power landscaping tools.

Cordless String Trimmer: Once you have finished mowing your lawn, you will find there are areas near buildings, around trees or shrubs, and other spots that a mower simply can’t reach. By choosing a sturdy cordless string trimmer, you do not have to worry the added weight of a gasoline powered trimmer or about the dangers of a long electric cord. Choose a string trimmer that is light enough to easily carry around your property and which has a battery pack which will provide enough power to do all your trimming in a single session. Look for easy to change string access, sturdy handles, and a guard large enough to protect your feet.

Hedge Trimmer: Hedge trimmers are available in gasoline powered, electric, or cordless models. The right choice for your gardening needs depends largely on the chores you plan to use the hedge trimmer for. If you only have hedges below your windows near the house, an inexpensive electric hedge trimmer may be right for because electric power outlets will be near where you need to trim. However, if you have a large expansive landscape with lots of hedges around different areas of the property, you will probably prefer either a gasoline powered trimmer or the slightly more expensive, but much more convenient cordless models. No matter what your choice, you want to look for a model that is comfortable to hold with grips shaped to your hands. Be sure to choose a model that is light enough to hold during extended trimming.

Riding Lawn Mower: A riding mower is one landscaping tool you simply can’t live without if you have a large lawn. Choose a model that is small enough to fit into small areas yet has a broad enough cutting area to make a speedy task of mowing. You can find all sorts of whistles and bells on riding mowers, but you really only need the basics. Choose a comfortable seat which adjusts to allow you to easily reach the controls. Also, choose a model with cutting guards. You will probably also want a removable bagger attachment as well.

Landscaping and Gardening Hand Tools

When choosing hand tools for working in your lawn and garden, you will find a wide selection from which to select. Whether you are buying a rake, hoe, hand spade, shovel, bulb planter, or other tool, you should look for a tool that fits your hand well. With ergonomics becoming more common place, you are certain to find a tool that will be comfortable in your hand while also being sturdy and effective. Choose rust-resistant finishes when possible. Be sure the handle is firmly mounted to the tool. Any tool which has multiple parts, such as a rake which has braded parts, be sure the parts are connected using sturdy, strong brads.

Any quality hand tool for [landscaping] should be guaranteed to last for at least several years. If the manufacturer does not provide a warranty, you would be wise to select another model if you do not want to be replacing that tool the next year!
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July 8, 2006

Tilling with the Big Boys

I've been hinting to my wife for a while now that we could use a tiller to aerate and prepare the soil for planting grass seed for the upcoming fall season. That way next spring we will have a nice rich thick carpet of grass come next spring. Well to my surprise she has just ordered a top of the line tiller so that i can do all of the landscaping and garden projects around our new home in Colorado. There are many landscape, gardening and design projects that we would like to share with you. We will also be posting pictures of our before and after results giving you an idea on how you can do these projects and improve your outdoor living area. Oh boy just three more days and my new tiller will be here. Stay tuned :)  

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