November 11, 2007

Garden Shed Ideas For Your Home

What gardener doesn’t dream of having a garden shed? Whether it is a simple place to store gardening tools and supplies or a peaceful retreat where you can pass your afternoons elbow-deep in potting soil, there is a right garden shed for every gardener.

Before you rush out and order what you think will be the best garden shed for you, take some time to consider your current and future needs. Start by making a list of all the things you want to store in your shed and what jobs you want to be able to do there. After you have your list you will have a better idea what size of shed you need. Remember to leave yourself some room to grow. Consider not only the square footage inside your shed, but the size of the door or opening. It would be terrible to finish construction on your new shed just to realize that your wheelbarrow won’t fit through the door!

Garden sheds can be relatively inexpensive or quite extravagant. You can purchase pre-assembled tool storage units that resemble armoires for your garden, or go a more expensive and spacious route by purchasing a do-it-yourself shed construction kit (that can also be assembled by a professional from a home-improvement store). Or why not go all out and hire a contractor to build you the custom garden shed of your dreams, complete with running water and electricity?

Know Your Shed Type

After you know what type of shed you want, consider where to place it. Do you want it to be the center of attention in your yard, or would you like it to blend in with the landscape? Most garden sheds are not temperature controlled, so it will be to your advantage to put your shed in an area of your yard that is shaded in the heat of the day. Having at least one window is important for ventilation and will help to keep your shed cool, which should definitely be taken into consideration if you plan to keep seedlings or bulbs in your shed.

Be mindful that the exterior of your garden shed matches or at least compliments the design of your home. To achieve this you can use matching paint or vinyl siding colors, and also try to mimic your home’s architectural elements. Another way to make your shed feels like a natural part of your yard is to landscaped around it, just like you would around your home. Flower beds and window boxes are a nice touch. Before you begin building your shed, remember to check local zoning and permit requirements and also check with your homeowner’s association.

The interior of your shed is probably the most important part because it is where you will be spending your time. Organization in your shed is critical. Make sure you have room to move around, especially if you plan to put a potting bench in your shed. You want to enjoy the time spent splitting bulbs and transplanting perennials, not spend that time wishing you had more elbow room.

Storing of large Tools

It is best to store large item like lawn mowers, wheelbarrows, and tillers at the back of your shed so you don’t have to navigate around them, but make sure you leave yourself a path to get them in and out easily. Keep the things you use the most in easy reach, and put things that you use less often on high selves or in storage under the counter. A peg board works well to take advantage of the vertical space in your shed, and is a great place to store smaller tools like trowels and hand rakes. A hanging rack will keep your shovels, rakes, and broom out of your way but within easy reach. It is a good idea to have a lockable storage area for things like pesticides, gasoline, and sharp instruments, because your garden shed will probably be an attractive destination for children and pets.

Whether your ideal garden shed turns out to be a small resting place for spare pots, or a miniaturized version of your home complete with running water and French doors, pre-planning and careful consideration of your needs will ensure that you enjoy the time you spend in it just as much as the time you spend in the garden itself.

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January 5, 2007

Essential Greenhouse Supplies

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