November 11, 2007

Garden Shed Ideas For Your Home

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August 14, 2007

Garden Tiller Tips for Your Yard

Garden Tiller TipsA garden tiller can be a life-saver for your yard and garden. It is important to use the garden tiller properly to get the most benefits from your tilling effort. These garden tiller tips will help you ensure your garden thrives.

Spring Ground Breaking

One of the most popular uses for a garden tiller is breaking ground to prepare the soil for plants. A task that would take hours and hours of back-breaking work with a shovel, requires only minutes with a power tiller.

Use the garden tiller to incorporate organic matter into the soil before planting and to aerate the soil to help the garden thrive. If you are practicing organic, natural gardening, the ability to quickly and easily work compost into the freshly tilled soil is a huge benefit.

First, use your garden tiller to break the ground. Next, remove all weeds and unwanted plant material from the soil. Then use your tiller to aerate and amend the soil. Dump organic matter from your compost pile on top of the soil and work it into the soil well by repeating the tilling process. Do not over-till the soil. Instead, you should look for the soil to become well mixed and of a texture that will sift through your fingers without large clumps.

Regular Aeration

Aeration is not a one-time process. Because the microorganisms which live in healthy soil need oxygen, you’ll want to continue to amend the soil and aerate on a regular basis. This process permits water to penetrate more deeply and thereby causes plant roots to grow deeper into the soil. To keep your plants as healthy as possible, till the soil around plants twice per growing season.

Effective Garden Tilling Tips

It is important to select the right time to till the garden. If the soil is too wet, tilling will only clump the soil rather than properly aerating it. If the soil is too dry, the wind may blow your soil away, causing erosion and loss of natural nutrients needed by your plants.

Do not over-till after initial ground preparation. Repeated tilling can destroy the soil’s texture and ability to hold air, water, and nutrients.

Replenish the nutrients which have been used up by your plants. Add organic matter during the growing season to safely provide the nutrients found in chemical fertilizers but in a much more eco-friendly manner.

Whenever you are operating a garden tiller, keep your hands and feet away from the blades. Do not perform maintenance on your tiller when it is running. Wear safety glasses to prevent possible eye damage from dirt flung up by the tiller. Also, keep children and pets a safe distance away from garden tillers when in operation.

Lastly, make sure to replenish the nutrients that are essential to your [plants] growth by tilling in organic material and fertilizers. If you follow these simple rules, you will be sure to have a healthy, green garden season after season.

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February 19, 2007

Landscape Garden Tools: Home Landscape Garden Ideas,

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