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If you love wild bird, then create a bird lovers backyard showcase where you can relax and enjoy your garden as well as your feathered friends. By choosing the right plants for your backyard, you'll encourage birds to visit, eat, bathe, build nests, and raise their young right in your landscape. Your backyard doesn't have to be large to attract birds nor do you need to go to a great deal of expense to create a true bird lovers showcase.

The plants you select for your backyard bird haven depends, at least in part, on the species of birds you wish to attract. You must also consider the amount of sunlight or shade, the amount of maintenance you are willing to perform, your personal preferences for colors and textures, and the amount of moisture available. No matter the conditions, there are plants which are just right for every set of conditions imaginable which birds will really appreciate.

Habitat,Water And Food

There are really three keys to include when you create a bird lovers backyard showcase. These are: habitat, water, and food. Every species of wild bird seeks these three key factors and, once they learn you provide them consistently, they will return again and again to your backyard.

In urban settings, one attribute to incorporate when creating a bird lovers backyard showcase is areas of cover or habitat where birds will be safe from predators. Trees and large specimen plants as well as lush shrubs offer wild birds places to perch safely and securely without fear of being seen by hawks, cats, and other predators. Leafy trees and birdhouses offer secure nesting places so the parents can safely leave their babies while seeking food.

Another feature you should include in your backyard bird lovers showcase is a source of water for your feathered visitors. A low maintenance way to provide water for drinking and bathing is to incorporate a shallow, gently moving fountain into the landscape. Because fountains provide moving water, algae build-up is discouraged and mosquitoes are less likely to breed in the water. If you do not have or do not wish to invest in a moving-water fountain, a simple and inexpensive bird bath will do the trick but you'll need to empty and clean the bowl at least twice weekly to prevent red or green algae growth as well as mosquito larvae.

Food sources are another important part of your backyard bird lovers showcase. If you wish to attract hummingbirds, you can supply pesticide-free white, yellow, pink, red, or purple flowers and flowering vines which produce the nectar required by these exotic, iridescent little beauties. Great choices for hummingbirds include hummingbird vine, cypress vine, honeysuckle, and hibiscus, or you can provide the hummers with artificial nectar by purchasing hummingbird feeders featuring yellow or red colors which must be filled with syrup made from three parts water and one part dissolved sugar. There is no need to color the hummingbird syrup with red food coloring or to purchase expensive "nectar mix".

Attracting A Variety Of Bird Species

Insectivore birds, such as mocking birds and robins, can be provided for by offering lush grass and mulched areas which are never sprayed for insects. These species dig for worms and eat pesky insects. You can often see them capturing a fat, juicy insect or worm and carrying it back to their nest to feed their youngsters.

Wild birds which eat primarily seeds and other foods, including sparrows, finches, cardinals, doves, and other welcomed species, can be provided for by placing bird feeders in the landscape for all-year bird watching. They also appreciate incorporation of seed-bearing plants in the backyard showcase. Bright yellow mammoth sunflowers add tall highlights and the seed are loved by many species of larger wild birds. Extra sunflower seed can be saved for supplementing the birds' winter food. Some areas even have flocks of wild parrots which may be attracted to sunflowers.

By incorporating the three keys, habitat, water and food, when you create a bird lovers backyard showcase, you can select plants based on the colors and textures you desire. You'll probably want to place key elements so the [birds]can be easily viewed from a window from indoors. You'll also want to be sure to include a nice shady place where you can sit outdoors and watch the birds enjoy the efforts of your gardening.

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