Labor Day has arrived at our door steps indicating the end of a long and fun summer holiday season. As I woke up this morning and looked out the window I noticed a strange object floating in the air. I thought to myself was it a bird ?, was it a plane ?, no, To my suprise and delite it was the annual flight of the Colorado Balloon Festival hot air balloons flying majestically overhead. This has been a tradition in this are for the past 33 years and it is such fun watching the hot air balloons brighten up the skyline with such beautiful colors.


Mountain side view of  a air balloon with the  Colorado state symbol and a flag of the stars and stripes.


 Air balloon flying past the the cheyenne mountains and pikes peak.



 Here is a pretty orange and blue air balloon gliding by the rooftops of a neighborhood and we even have a satellite view.


 Even our cat Puffy was enjoing the  images of the colorful air balloons gliding to their final destination.


 Another air balloon flying over the rooftops. They where flying so low that you could almost talk to the people in the baskets.


 Here is our final image of a yellow air balloon crossing the deep blue skies. It was a perfect day to watch all of beautiful air balloons filling up the sky with such pretty colors. As the end of the summer draws near we hope that you have had  a wonderful summer and a joyous Labor Day weekend. Know it's time for me to light up the grill and enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend :)