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This is our second post on as many that we our concentrating on the benefits of landscaping and gardening around your home. When it comes right down to it you can garden anywhere you would like to as long as you get the benefits of getting your body in motion and enjoying the fresh are around you. Community gardens are also a great alternative to getting your green thumb going. Here are some great reasons that gardening is good for you from Kristen K Brown of the Minneapolis Health and Happiness Examiner…
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"Deep in their

Some people can’t imagine why some other people love digging in the
dirt.  It’s a messy job that gets our clothes, hands, and, inevitably,
face, dirty when wiping the sweat from our brows.  It requires patience
while we wait for our plants, flowers and produce to reach their full
potential.  It takes time to dig, water, weed and prune to keep our
plantings beautiful.  So why do so many people love the act of gardening
when it’s messy, time-consuming and require
 The benefits of gardening greatly outweigh the downsides.  For so many,
gardening is therapeutic
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Here is an interesting article that will open the eyes of both men and women who want to improve their lifestyle at home. From what this study says,gardening can help improve and boost mens sex lifes. I always enjoyed putting around the garden growing tomatoes,squash and other types of vegetables. I even enjoy the smell of freshly cut grass after mowing the lawn. After reading this study I think I am going to enjoy gardening around the home just a little bit more ,with a smile on my face
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Gardening really can help you make the earth move, according to a new study which found it improves men's sex lives.

Gardening boosts men's sex lives, claims study

As little as 30 minutes a week tending the garden or allotment can
dramatically improve men's performance in bed, according to the experts in the
field.Digging, weeding or mowing the lawn for half an hour reduced men's risk of
failing to live up to expectations in bed by more than a third, the survey

The same study showed other forms of moderate exercise, such as dancing and
cycling, could have similar benefits.
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