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The holiday season is a time to celebrate family and enjoy all the friends and aquaintances that you have enjoyed through the years. It has been a while since we have spent much time sharing our garden and landscape But we would like to say that we are back on track and hope that you will visit us to get some cool and informative tips on how to manage your landscape and garden projects. We have a few new article updates just in time for the holiday season that we would love for you to take a look at and we wish you and yours a very enjoyable holiday season.

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As we move into a new year full of hope and anticipation of things to come. There is always something you can depend on at the start of a new year and that is the year in trends.

There are many different types of trends that people look forward to reading and learning about so that they can incorporate the specific trend into their everyday routine.

Some of the many different types of trends people tend to follow such as fashion trends, music trends tech trends and health trends.  The trend that we here at landscape living here enjoy the most is of course landscape and garden trends for the upcoming garden season.

Come and take a peak at the garden trends that we found to be helpful around the garden and your home. A few garden trends that have caught our interest is self watering planters which lets you put on an impressive show of color around the garden.

Or the raised bed crafted from a composite of recycled wood and plastic that gives the look  and feel of aged cedar but will not rot or splinter just to name a few of the new garden  trends for 2010.