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One of the things that a lot of garden enthusiasts tend to overlook in late winter is pruning or trimming the trees and bushes around the garden. Though the weather in late winter is still able to but a chill in your bones.

I'm sure there are a few sunny days when the weather is mild that you can take a look at the trees and bushes around your home and notice that they need to be trimmed.

Most of us tend to wait till the trees or bushes start to bud in early Spring. This may be a more enjoyable time to start trimming the trees and bushes around your home but the best time to trim is when there are no leaves on the branches and when growth is dourmant in the late winter months.

Pruning your trees and bushes in the winter months also saves you from having to cleanup all the waste from branches and leaves that will accumilate and grow if you wait till the Spring months to partake in this chore.

Picking a nice sunny winter day with lopper in hand will guarantee that your landscape will look marvelous and you will have the time to enjoy those Spring days tending to the garden enjoying the warm weather.

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Prune in Winter for Better Growth Come Spring: Many Trees and

The next time the sky is clear and temperatures are near or above freezing, get out your secateurs and loppers to prepare trees and shrubs for spring growth.

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Sandy City: Winter Tree Care

before the warm weather returns and buds begin to appear. Pruning in the winter also means less debris since there are no leaves on the trees. Winter is also a great time to have large trees trimmed and larger, unwanted trees removed. …

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