July 17, 2008

Lawn Mower Tips For The Best Lawn Care

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There comes a time in every person’s life when he (or she) is faced with the task of choosing a new lawn mower. It may be when you buy your first house or when your old hand-me-down lawn mower breaks down.

Whatever the reason for your shopping, you want to choose the best lawn mower for your circumstances at a reasonable price. But what is the best lawn mower for you and your yard? Here are some things to think about the next time you are in the market for a lawn mower.

How Large Is Your Yard

First, consider the size and makeup of your yard. If you have a large, flat yard, you might consider a riding [lawn mower], which makes quick work of large spaces, but costs a lot of money. If you have a smaller yard, you could go with a reel mower or a rotary mower.

Reel lawn mowers are available as gas powered or push mowers. A push mower means that the person doing the moving is providing all the power for propelling the mower and getting the blades to move. The reel mechanism acts like scissors, with rotating blades moving over a stationary knife.

Using a push mower doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, but it is an excellent workout and these machines are inexpensive, so if you have a very small yard this is a good option.

The gasoline-powered reel lawn mowers use the same cutting mechanism but are powered by a gasoline engine. These lawn mowers are ideal for people with Bermuda grass or bent grass that should be cut lower than two inches.

For grasses of other types and larger yards, the rotary lawn mower is the most popular choice. These lawn mowers come in gas or electric models and are great for cutting yards of all sizes. Rotary lawn mowers have a circular blade that cuts the grass and is protected by the body of the mower. If your grass does not need to be cut shorter than two inches and you like the added power of a rotary cutter, this is the machine for you.

Electric lawn mowers are usually cheaper than gas-powered mowers, but they also tend to have less power and either need to be plugged into an extension cord—which can be both dangerous and inconvenient—or they run off batteries that need to be charged regularly.

In general, push mowers cut the grass more cleanly, but the blades must be sharpened regularly by a professional. Rotary blades tend to bend the grass while cutting, but they are better for cutting long grass and the maintenance is easier

Wide Variety Of Lawn Mower Models .

There are many, many models of both kinds of lawn mowers available on the market today, with all sorts of features that can make your yard work a little easier. A self-propelled lawn mower, for instance, is much easier when you have a hilly yard. These mowers have extra power to pull themselves up slopes and may even have larger wheels to make moving on uneven surfaces easier.

Mulching blades for lawn mowers are very popular right now as people don’t want to throw out their lawn clippings or just leave them lying around on the yard. A mulching lawn mower has multiple blades that cut the clippings very fine, so they are largely invisible on the yard.

You should also look at safety features when considering a new lawn mower. A power mower should have both a blade shut off switch and what’s known as a dead-man’s switch, which automatically shuts off the engine if the lever or switch is not being pressed. That way it will be much more difficult to hurt yourself mowing your lawn (but of course remember eye and ear protection and long clothing just to be safe).

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