June 25, 2007

Decorating Your Front Porch for Summer

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Front Porch Summer

Decorating your front porch for summer can add to the joy of the bursting forth of nature during this season as well as add to the curb appeal of your home. Each time you arrive home or sit on your front porch in pleasant weather, you will be delighted with your efforts. It does not have to be expensive to decorate your front porch for summer, nor does it have to be a labor-intensive project.

Bring out the Potted Plants

If you live in a region that experiences freezing weather in winter, you have probably had to over-winter some of your specimen potted plants indoors. One of the first steps in decorating your front porch for summer is to bring out these potted plants.

Check the soil and repot if the plants have been in the same soil for over one year. Plants use the nutrients in the potting soil and the soil becomes “dead”, leaving little or nothing to sustain the plants. Replant, using later pots if the plants are root bound or nearly root bound. This will give them a fresh start and a fresh look as well.

Arrange the plants in attractive groupings. They can be placed along each side of the steps to the front porch or along the front edge of the porch. They can be placed on each side of seating groupings. A pair of matching large specimen plants looks great when placed on either side of the front door.

Decorate the Front Door

Bring summer to your front door by adding an attractive wreath that incorporates artificial summer flowers. A grapevine wreath can be crafted or purchased for a small sum. Silk flowers are inexpensive and will last for years, even in bright sunlight. Choose dogwood blossoms, magnolias, or any of your favorite summer flowers to add to the wreath. Add a beautiful, large bow and you have a great door decoration for your summer entryway which will add to the impact of your front porch decorations.

Hanging Baskets

Another great way to decorate the front porch for summer is to add a selection of greenery or flowering plants in hanging planters or baskets, hung at even spaces along the front porch. Ivy, hoyas, asparagus ferns, Boston ferns, or any of your favorite green plants make great choices. For flowering plants, choose petunias, sweet pea, or any of your favorite flowering plants that drape well.

Cypress vine is a great choice if you wish to attract humming birds to your front porch. Planted in hanging baskets or in planters with a trellis or other support for the vine to climb and you will have humming birds coming right to your [front porch]

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