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Summer is slowly slipping away and most of us garden enthusiests are harvesting or getting ready to harvest the fruits and vegetables of our labor. I myself have had a very good crop of Zucchini that we have been harvesting over the past couple of weeks. We also have decided that we are going to make a Zucchini caserole this afternoon to go with are dinner for this evening. Hmmm I can taste it already. Even though it may be late in the vegetable gardening season. There is still time to grow vegetables that you can harvest in the Fall and still keep your green thumb doing good things for your garden. Vegetables such as carrots, broccoli and collards are a great way to get started with a Fall vegetable garden. Here are a few Fall gardening tips from Kenny who obviously knows a few things about how to get your Fall garden flourishing with garden vegetables.
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Kenny Point, Organic Vegetable Gardener

I really thought that not talking about it would help ease the anguish of watching the days grow shorter as this summer’s vegetable gardening season continues to wind down.

Well an email I received from Renee yesterday helped me to see that I wasn’t the only one that was a little anxious over the situation…

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