One of the most enjoyable reasons I enjoy getting my hands dirty in the garden is to grow heirloom tomatoes. Moving to the southwest has been a challenge to myself when trying to master the realm of growing heirloom tomatoes in this climate zone and area. After following Front Range Livings monthly online newsletter for the past three years. I've realized that they have a vast knowledge of Colorado Springs and the front range area and you can always count on learning a few landscape or garden tips from Front Range Living. (This Tomato Basket is so beautiful) . Here are a few heirloom vegetable tips on when attempting to grow historic heirloom vegetables and when it's not.
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Like most home gardeners, I was first introduced to heirloom
vegetables through tomatoes. The Amish Brandywine couldn’t be beat, I was told,
and my pulse quickened at the thought of plump, misshapen beauties all summer
long. I’ve grown a number of heirloom tomatoes and found some of them fickle.
Some are more subject to disease, take forever to ripen and offer up a scant
harvest. What I overlooked are the heirloom tomatoes that thrive in my garden
given the soil, summer temperatures and dates to maturity. 

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