Michelle Obama has really added a new freshness to the White House atmousphere. Imagine adding a organic vegetable garden to the south lawn of the White House. This could start a whole new movement of families getting together and breaking ground in thier own backyards to grow healthy vegetables to put on the family dinner table. Heck if this keeps up hopefully we can grow a healthy economy while we are at it.
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First lady Michelle Obama, right and Chef Sam Kass, left, take part in the groundbreaking of the White House Kitchen Garden on the South Lawn of the White House March 20.

BOSTON — You have to admit that this gives new meaning to the idea of a
"shovel-ready project." There are now 1,100 square feet on the South Lawn of the
White House being transformed into a kitchen garden. If Americans follow the
first family's lead, the seed pack will become the new stimulus package. At
least we'll have something to do with those pitchforks after the AIG bonus
babies surrender their money.

What Michelle and the kids and the crew did the other day was to drive a shovel right into the heart of that American icon: the lawn. They literally took the most pampered lawn in America, dumped it in the wheel barrel and carted it away. All that was missing was a chorus of "This lawn is your lawn."

This may be a fertile time for change
If we settle into a view of home as a place we nurture ourselves, we may have a
grass-roots anti-grass movement.
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