The environment and how we treat the natural resources that we use in our everyday living has become a huge concern in the future of our country and the world. Everyone can do their part no matter how little you think it is. By being more conscious about how we treat the environment around us.

With the event of global warming and the awareness that has been brought to this grave issue by one of our former political leaders Al Gore and with the making of the academy award winning documentary (An Inconvenient truth). We can no longer ignore what is truly staring the world in its face. The continued threat of  global warming.

As someone who enjoys the wonderful joys of creating the  canvas of a beautiful landscape or the tilling of land and watching your garden grow with healthy fruits and vegetables. You can start being more environmentally aware right in the comfort of your own back yard.

Here are eleven suggestions you can do around your landscape and garden from Preston D Koerner and the people over at Jetson Green to create an eco-friendly landscape that will complement a holistic approach to a green landscape and garden….Read More

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