November 12, 2007

Create a Welcoming Entrance to Your Home for Thanksgiving

You can create a welcoming entrance to your home for Thanksgiving quite easily by using the bounty of your lawn and garden for decorating. As the seasonal color scheme changes with the advent of fall, you will find that your landscape provides you with a wealth of ideas and color to include in decorating your doorsteps, front porch, walkway or driveway to welcome guests as they arrive for holiday get-togethers.

If you happen to have grapevines in your garden, you can harvest these and, while they are pliable, weave them into shapes for wreaths. Simply twist the vines into the desired shape; add a few twist ties or pieces of florist wire to secure the vines if needed. Circular or oval wreaths are the easiest shapes to create, but you can get as creative as you wish. While weaving grapevines, you might want to create one or more to use as a candle ring or to decorate the base of a Thanksgiving centerpiece. If you do not have grapevines, you can purchase pre-made wreaths easily.

Using Colorful Leaves

Shortly before the Thanksgiving holiday, harvest some colorful leaves from your landscape to decorate your wreaths. Use a selection of various shapes and colors and simply hot glue or wire them into position on your grapevine wreath. Add a colorful bow, either purchased or one you tie yourself, to the wreath and hang on the front door or porch railing.

If you saved dried straw flowers from summertime gardening, you can add these to your wreath for another beautiful addition. These can also be used to create garlands along a porch railing, enhance greenery displays, and to include in your indoor Thanksgiving decorating.

Potted chrysanthemums in appropriately-sized pots can be used to place on each side of the front door or along the driveway or walkway. These beautiful flowering plants are available in an array of colors so choose some which compliment your Thanksgiving decorating color palette. Yellow, orange, and even maroon bring fall's colors into your welcoming entranceway.

Boughs of holly with its red berries can be draped along the porch or stair railing. You could also add boughs along window sills. Another great choice for draping greenery along the front walkway is asparagus fern. This hardy greenery holds up very well when cut for several days, making it perfect for the entire Thanksgiving holiday.

Pumpkins and Gourds

Pumpkins and gourds can be harvested and placed on your door steps, beside your front door, along the walkway, or as a [decoration] at the base of an outdoor post lamp. They also look wonderful when used as a border feature along your eave garden. Simply select ones that have appealing shapes and place them in the design desired. Add some colorful leaves or greenery to complete the look.

Add some of Thanksgiving's bounty outdoors for the birds to enjoy. Simply place a birdfeeder and suet racks in good locations so your outdoor friends can come to visit and delight your holiday guests.

You do not have to spend fortunate purchasing ready-made decorations for Thanksgiving. It is more fun to make them from the items grown in your own garden and landscape. This can become a family tradition and bring everyone closer together as they enjoy the bounty of nature and realize that Thanksgiving is all about being thankful to have such beauty to enjoy.

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